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State Bird Provisions – San Francisco

by Suha on February 19, 2013

The state bird of California is the quail and that is how the restaurants name came about. The new kid on the block and the most talked about and written up restaurant in town. Totally impossible to get a booking for months and the line outside the door at 5pm is amazing… So what does it have and why is it so crazy? I think it is the innovative format. Everyone is always looking for something different and that is what SBP does. The dishes are all small appetizer sizes and are served dim sum style on trolleys that are rolled from table to table. Every dish is totally different and an innovative mix of flavors and the variety is impressive. However I must say the hype is what sometime makes a place. Will I go back soon? Not sure – the food was good but none of the dishes really stood out to me but it was a fun concept!

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