Topolobampo – Chicago

by Suha on July 9, 2011


Rick Bayless is the master of Mexican cuisine in the US and has a number of restaurants, books, TV shows etc. Topolobampo is his fine dining Mexican which has won a Michelin star as well. It is fun and innovative Mexican and every dish has a twist to it. We had the Topolo classic tasting menu which gave us a good range to try. I was there a few years ago and loved it. Not sure if it was the same this time. May not go back again but would be interested to try his other places…



A very spicy guacamole for starters


Crunchy threads of beef brisket with crispy onion strings, guacamole, salsa and tortillas for wrapping


Salad of duck and mangoes with a red chile and black olive dressing


Pan roasted seafood with a tomatillo sauce and asparagus


Rib eye with a black mole sauce – was too tangy for me.


Dark chocolate cake with strawberries and milk ice cream


Petit fours

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