Roberta Sudbrack – Rio

by Suha on January 18, 2010

Roberta is currently the queen of cooking in Brazil and has won every
award every magazine could dish out. She is completely self taught and a
perfectionist and she strongly believes that there can’t be more than 3
different elements in a dish or it would become a mess. Her objective is
to get the best out of the simplest ingredients without hiding its
flavour. She was the first women chef to run the kitchen of the
presidents official home in Brazil. She has cooked for Juan Carlos –
king of Spain, Fidel Castro and Tony Blair to name a few. She showcases
local brazilian products in high grastonomy and the menu changes daily
at her restaurant near the botanical gardens in Rio. The restaurant
serves just degustation and each dish was amazingly presented. I had the
chance to visit the kitchen and chat with Roberta as well. She has not
been to Australia as yet, but has had a Brazilian sous chef from there.
The chocolate tart and egg and foie gras were the stand out dishes for
me. A great restaurant with great service. A must in Rio…..


Restaurant with a view to the kitchen


Warm cheese bites


tartare of pumpkin


white asparagus with spicy caramel


country egg with crunchy toast and foie gras. divine…


ravioli of smoked zucchini, seeds and peperonchino


Duck breast with dried fruits and little potato chips




The best….hot gooie chocolate tart


petit fours



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