The Restaurant @ The Dolder Grand – Zurich

by Suha on March 27, 2011


This is a really hard restaurant to review. Firstly the hotel, the restaurant, the service, the cuisine, the wine – were all outstanding. It was a perfect meal and great evening and my review would have normally been an amazingly positive one. However there was one problem. All 5 of us that dined there on this one night got terrible food poisoning the following day. We did write to them and were very impressed that the very next day they responded with profound apologies and a thorough investigation and offered to refund the bill since they uncovered that it may have been the oyster we had as one of the amuse bouche that caused the problem. So inspite of the bad experience – I will continue to review this restaurant in a positive light. I guess these sort of things can happen to anyone and it did happen to Heston as well at the Fat Duck recently.
So what can I say about The Restaurant. Chef Heiko Nieder (German and originally from Hamburg) has earned Two michelin stars and 17 GaultMillau points for his cuisine as this restaurant. We ordered the 4 course menu for dinner but you will see that the number of dishes we ended up with was way more than that. Each course was totally amazing and two of my fellow diners thought it was the best meal they have ever had. A lot of imagination – attention to detail and great culinary skills definitely makes this restaurant a must visit for anyone looking for an outstanding culinary experience in Zurich.




Apple and horseradish macarons
Potato chips with mango
Bread and cheese



Potato foam with truffle egg and walnut


Aubergine in a spoon


Warm breads with truffle butter, white bean olive oil cream…


Celery caviar hazelnut coconut powder and salmon balls


Oyster bread butter and chives – the trouble maker of the night


Beautiful breads – sourdough, spinach, potato…


Scallops with cucumber, thin strips of beef ham and coriander


Salmon with mustard and dill – beautiful flavours of sweet and sour


Beef with beetroots and dried cherry and a bowl of the perfect mash


Dessert of rhubarb coconut and acacia flower seed



Marshmallows with basil on a stick
AlmondĀ  icecream
Blackberrry pillows
Ferry floss olive oil and pepper
Mandarin sorbet with cardamom
Mazipan and choc
Orange flower luxumburgli



Chocolate truffles


The beautiful wine celler in the restaurant


The restaurant with gold and glass


The entrance

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