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Ristorante La Campana – Rome – Italy

by Suha on November 14, 2011

Call me obsessed but when I think of Rome in October, the first thing that comes to mind, is white Alba Truffles. Rare, unique and expensive, these culinary treasures are only found from mid Oct to mid-December in the Alba region of Italy. So even before I booked my flight to Rome – I started researching restaurants that served white truffles. However I soon discovered that the best way to find the right restaurant was to ask the locals. So even though I had a list with me – I asked a few people in food shops while walking around and was guided towards this lovely restaurant called La Campana. None of the staff spoke English but they were very warm and friendly and made me feel very welcome. They assured me they had the freshest of truffles and that their pasta was the best in the city. I agree. The Fettuccini al Tartufo Bianco was to die for. Perfectly al dente and creamy and lavish shavings of white truffle. Heaven on a dish. Licked the plate clean. The owner very proudly walked me around the restaurant and showed me photos as this happens to be the most ancient restaurant in rome. They also have an amazing anti pasti bar with the freshest of artichokes, anchovies and pecorino amongst a number of other things. What a find.

Small narrow street Campana

Highly awarded over the years and rightly so

The amazing Fettuccini al Tartufo Bianco – loved the white truffle shavings

Beautifully cooked fresh veges

Desserts – take your pick

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