The Fat Duck – UK

by Suha on July 15, 2011


A dream come true! A meal at Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck restaurant in Bray. Every foodie’s dream and I still cant believe we experienced it. What a night – 14 courses and 4 hours of pure entertainment. He is a legend and so deserves to be in the top restaurants in the world. They open their bookings exactly 2 months to the day you would like to dine there and get booked out pretty much in the first few minutes. I think it was just my lucky day 🙂 Enjoy the journey….



The Fat Duck restaurant in the small town of Bray about an hour from London.


His signature logo


The chef!!!!


We wondered why he had a menu outside the door – not that you could just read it and walk in hoping to get a table 🙂


Amuse bouché – macaron of beetroot and horseradish


The menu


Nitro poached aperitifs – you could have a vodka and lime sour or gin and tonic or campari soda….so the lovely staff squeezes some onto a spoon and then puts it in to the dry ice. In a few seconds he scoops it out and sprinkles it with your choice of topping and voila….it melts in your month 🙂


Red cabbage gazpacho – pommery grain mustard ice cream – the colours are magnificent…



Jelly of Quail, crayfish cream, chicken liver parfait, oak moss and truffle toast. (homage to alain Chapel)
Ok this does need an explanation. The idea was to create an atmosphere of earth and forest. So we first get a film to put on your tongue to give you an earthy woody taste.



A toast with truffle and foie gras parfait to start the earthy experience


Water poured over the moss and dry ice to create a misty atmosphere on the table


His signature dish – the snail porridge with iberico ham and shaved fennel


Roast foie gras with barberry, braised konbu, crab biscuit – was so good.


The Mad hatters tea party begins – with an invite 🙂


Like willy wonkas gold coins – each of us gets a coin to pick up


Put in in to your own tea cup of warm water


It melts 🙂



The mock turtle soup – c.1850



Gold soup poured in…and there it is 🙂


Sound of the sea – well – most of you would have heard of this one – maybe on master chef! This is where he gives you an ipod (in a shell) to listed to the sound of the sea while eating your dish…..amazing!!!!!! The dish itself has sand at the bottom and on the glass dish is your meal of different kinds of fish and fish foam.


Salmon poached in a liquorice gel with asparagus, vanilla mayonnaise and golden trout roe – what a great combination – the liquorice and vanilla flavours definitely made the dish


Lamb with cucumber c.1805 with onion and dill fluid gel


Hot and iced tea – yes both in one glass…was amazing – in the same sip you get feel both – hot and cold tea…how does he do it?


Jelly and ice cream cornets


Macerated strawberries, olive oil biscuit, chamomile and coriander – here you are invited to a picnic! The picnic rug is made of white chocolate…how cool 🙂


The BFG – I have my own version of what it stands for but 🙂 this is the black forest gateau…yum


The cheese trolley


Whisky wine gums – just like gummies – these taste just like the whiskies….from each region on the map.


“Like a kid in a sweet shop” – the petit fours – aerated chocolate with mandarin jelly, coconut baccy, apple pie caramel with an edible wrapper, the queen of hearts chocolate

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