Greenhouse – Perth

by Suha on August 7, 2011


Greenhouse is one of the new concept restaurants to hit Australia. They had the first one in Melbourne and now Perth city has one too. The idea behind it is recycled, energy efficient, fresh produce and good food. The frame of the restaurant has 7 tonnes of steel and 40,000 screws holding it in place and supports about 7 tonnes of weight including a roof top gardens that supplies the veges and herbs to the restaurant. The exterior of the building has a vertical garden with about 4000 pots with ivy and strawberry plants. The inside is also made from recycled wood and has bottles hanging of the roof over the bar. A warm feeling to the restaurant and a big open kitchen makes it an interesting place to spend an evening. The food review is mixed however. Some locals hate it and some love it. For me – there were some highlights but not many. I must say that the fresh veges were good though and the slow cooked lamb. Would I come back? The concept is new and interesting but the food didn’t quite do it for me and the food is a big part of whether I would go back.



The vertical garden facade


The many pots – looking forward to the strawberries growing.


The bar…


Grilled haloumi. Tomato and sumac – liked this dish. The tomatoes were very fresh and tasted great.


Kingfish kababs, escabeche of roasted peppers. The fish was again overcooked and a bit bland but loved the peppers


Pickled pork belly and quince – the pork was too dry and not what we were expecting


Octopus, kipfler potatoes, olive and saffron – surprisingly was a cold dish. The octopus was again a bit chewy


Slow cooked lamb shoulder. Flat breads, pickled onion salad. The lamb was great. Fell off the bone and tasty. The breads were soft and the onions crunchy and full of flavour. The dish served 4 and was $80. hmmm


Three chesses


Arroz con leche. Rhubarb and almonds – it really was rice pudding in a sardine tin which was interesting. Liked the fact that is was hot and the rhubarb definitely added to it.


Chocolate, cherry and coconut

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