Golden Fields – Melbourne

by Suha on August 21, 2011


Chef Andrew McConnell (cumulus and cutler and co) has opened his 6 restaurant. Wow and even though it is the sixth – it is still getting heaps of reviews. Golden Fields is a modern Asian restaurant in St Kilda and once again does the sharing plates concept. We had lunch so only tried a few but enjoyed the dishes very much. Great lunch spot and a must try are the signature lobster rolls. They have become so popular that they even do them take away now 🙂 Want to go back…



New England lobster rolls – hot buttered bun, cold poached crayfish, watercress and kewpie. Loved it. The bun is the Vietnamese style soft and sweet and warm glazed brioche, cold lobster and Japanese mayo. Yum…..


“pork and prawn” fried school prawns, pig tail scratchings and garlic mayo. Crunchy and nice mayo


Twice cooked duck, steamed bread, plum sauce and vinegar dipping sauce. Loved it. The duck was perfect. Easily shredded and crisp. Warm soft buns which when filled with the plum sauce and duck – you then dip in the vinegar. Yum…writing about it makes me what to have some now again….


Peanut butter parfait, salted caramel and soft chocolate – ok – we did order the dessert for the caramel and chocolate since we are not fans of peanut butter. It was ok as it was too peanut butter for us.

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