Panacea – Adelaide

by Suha on February 6, 2011

Panacea – offers Mediterranean cuisine and a creative and great wine list. They have the normal entrée and main menu but the interesting dishes are the ones mentioned in between called the small share plates. They are not that small either so sharing a few of those would be perfect for a great meal and fun night out.


Tasting plate – Crumbed olive filled with blue cheese, mushrooms slow roasted in white wine with tarragon thyme and garlic, croquettes with egg and carrot, lebnah (house made shift cheese of sheep’s milk), white anchovies. Really enjoy this platter. The olives were a great surprise. You bite into this crisp shell into a tangy warm olive and out comes a soft hot blue cheese filling. Nice. The mushrooms were filled with garlic and we enjoyed licking the bowl with the bread after. The croquettes were soft and full of flavour. It was all good.


Pork belly and egg empanadas with apple chutney


Porcini and thyme soufflé twice cooked with citrus and olive tapenade – I just love soufflé so could not go past this one either….small but soft and cheesy…


Goat leg slow cooked in white wine with artichokes and parmesan – one of the favorite dishes of the night. Well cooked goat with a nice thick gravy


Quail hot smoked with horta – perfect smoked flavour.


Almond and dulce de leche semi freddo with raisins and pedro ximinez


Cheese platter – washed rind sheep’s milk, semi hard sheep’s milk, blue cows milk with truffled honey – loved the truffle honey and licked the plate….

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