Celsius – Adelaide

by Suha on August 14, 2011


Celsius in the new kid on the block in Adelaide and really turning heads. When you get off the cab on Gouger street and walk towards the restaurant, you walk into something you so do not expect. Celsius is beautiful, modern, sleek and trendy. They have those amazing glass lit tables and beautiful art. Polished service and attention to detail. The food here by chef Ayhan Erkoc is beautiful and fun. He did work at Noma! Every dish is a work of art and amazing presentation. Tonight we had the 5 course degustation. The ambiance, service and presentation was great. The food was good too but for some reason none of them really stood out to me. Maybe it was because we dined here the night after VCV which did blow us away. Everything is always relative isn’t it? Dont get me wrong – it was very nice,  just second to VCV on this visit.



Modern layout of the restaurant


Parsley butter and fresh butter with soft home made bread


Raw kingfish, kohlrabi, parsley, radish and finger lime – isn’t it beautiful? The taste was nice and fresh as well.


Onions in many ways, parmesan, croutons – surprisingly was really nice. The thought of just onions did have question marks but it was very nice. Different textures and flavours.


Duck breast, calamari, eggplant, broccolini, malt


Slow cooked milk fed lamb, globe artichoke, black garlic and leek – I must say that the black garlic really added to the dish


Chocolate – loved it. The chocolate was soft while the custard sauce was warm.


Mandarin, strawberry, vanilla

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