Hanuman – Cairns – Queensland

by Suha on August 7, 2011


It is a strange concept to have a restaurant that does a mix of Indian, Thai and Singaporean food but funnily – Hanuman works. We dined at their Alice Springs restaurant and decided to experience it again in Cairns. We took the easy option today and had their banquet menu. Was a good range of cuisines and it was actually pretty good.



Trumpet mushrooms – this was interesting and new and nice. Mushrooms topped with a mince of pork prawn and spices and a coconut cream sauce.


Kashmiri chicken tikka and Vegetable samosas


Madras lamb curry


Green curry of chicken


Thai crispy whole fish – I found this dish a bit too sweet.


Thai basil cheesecake – with kafir lime leaves and strawberries – I know – sounded strange but guess what – it actually tasted pretty good and we all finished it.

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