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Xanthi – Sydney

by Suha on November 12, 2011

David Tsirekas has had a low key but great Greek restaurant – Perama in Petersham for ages. He recently closed that and opened a new completely different restaurant – Xanthi. This one is anything but low key. In the swanky new Westfield with a great traditional décor and a very appealing menu. Through the window as you walk in to the restaurant – you can see the chefs rolling out the home made filo and the big meats on the spit. Yum. Wanted to try so many things on the menu. Can we go back again soon? Loved the haloumi and the mousaka…was really good.

BBQ haloumi – totally to die for…wanted more.

Lamb Fricasse – shredded lamb off the spit with leeks in very fine freshly made filo

A beautiful mushroom and truffle mousaka – layers of potato, eggplant and mushroom basted with black truffle and wild mushroom paste and topped with a rich creamy béchamel sauce – so good.

Seafood saganaki – prawns, mussels and calamari cooked in a fish tomato coriander sauce served with a currant and  pistachio pilaf and melted cheese

Caramel baklava ice cream

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