Ormeggio – The Spit – Sydney

by Suha on June 14, 2011


It was a really cold and rainy night when we went to ormeggio for dinner so we couldn’t really do justice to the view however it was still a lovely evening. We did ask them if we could bring a bottle of a special wine we wanted to drink and they totally refused. A lot of restaurants let us do it so it would have been nice if they had been a bit more flexible. It was still a nice evening as the company was good. Food was nice but not spectacular. Not sure if I will go back In a rush.



Amuse bouche of the day


Shredded crispy veal belly, slow cooked duck egg, green asparagus – not what I expected at all. The egg was much larger than I expected and the veal a lot less.



Tagliolini, scampi, bottarga, lemon, anchovies – once again didn’t really expect a spaghetti dish and more scampi would have been good.



Risotto, rocket puree, clair de lune oysters, franciacorta reduction – apparently the chefs signature dish. Lovely green colour but we all did find the rice too al dente


Amedai chocolate and coffee barbajada, caramel gelato, almond and mint crumble, tokay reduction – the coffee was too overpowering and for the first time we didn’t finish a dessert.


Egg on the nest, coconut, mango, milk chocolate and fairy floss – really liked this dish. Beautiful and lovely flavours

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