Missy Foxall – Mona Vale – Sydney

by Suha on July 16, 2011


We definitely missed having good Mexican restaurants in Sydney and suddenly quite a few have come up to fill the gap. Missy Foxall is one of them up on the northern beaches in Mona Vale. I first read about it in an article that talked about where chefs eat on their day off and this one is where Matt Kemp from Restaurant Balzac frequents. A very ranch looking décor with a warm fun atmosphere to it – we definitely enjoyed the evening and would come back. Good Missy cocktails including the traditional Margaritas and sangria and a tequilla menu too. What got us there were the LA style street tacos of pork belly and kimchee. They were good and so were the duck ones. Would love to go back and try some of the other things on the menu….



The duck, beetroot and crema LA style street tacos


Pork belly and kimchee tacos


Fajitas con todos – Citrus marinated chicken breast with onion and sweet peppers and side of rice, beans, sour cream, lettuce and soft flour tortillas,


Carnitas – Braised and grilled USA baby back pork ribs coated in a killer BBQ sauce and served with cumin slaw and lime – very nice. Want more…


Traditional baked custard flan


Chocolate mousse – this was a real let down and we didn’t even finish it. No go for me here…will stick to the savory dishes on the next visit.

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