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Longrain – Surry Hills – Sydney

by Suha on September 11, 2011

Love the new policy at Longrain as you can now book – but only for groups of 6 or more. It was a last minute decision but we managed to get in and a great night as always. Tried some of the specials on the menu today but you know what? I still the prefer the long standing menu favorites. Love the eggnet and pork hock and beef cheeks and of course the dessert sampler. Yum…


Eggnet filled with pork prawn peanuts and caramelized coconut with a cucumber relish – pretty much everyone fav


Chicken steamed with salad and again lovely flavours…


Crisp whole snapper with chilli tamarind and lime. Loved the fact that they had large chunks of the fish taken off and deep fried separately. Had fun cleaning all of it.


Stir fried spiced beef with chilli jam, snake beans and coriander


Dessert sampler

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