Adriano Zumbo -Summer collection 2009

by Suha on November 30, 2009

Adriano has just launched his new summer collection of desserts for 2009/2010. More berry flavours for summer rather than chocolate! Divine and inovative as always.


Clancy, the rains are coming: corn and mango salsa, vanilla saffron creme brulee, salt sable, mango jelly, pain d’epice and citron punch


Is anybody working? – apricot mousse, avocado creme mascarpone, tonka bean mousse, creme citron, poached fruit and juice


5 6 7 8 – pineapple palm sugar sous vide, lemongrass pandan and vanilla creme legere, coriander creameaux and peanut sable


weekend in the cross – pistachio pate sucree, rose brulee, rhubarb compote, fresh watermelon and raspberries with watermelon powder


Alessia, i like big buns – pate a choux, dukkah sable, pistachio creme mousseline, dijon mustard creme anglaise, pistachio crunchy and fresh raspberries


macaroons – black sesame, pineapple coconut, lychee, mint and lemon verbena, peach and raspberry bellini, mano and sticky rice…


cakes – chocolate walnut and blue cheese, flourless pistachio and olive oil cake with rhubarb and strawberries


searching for cherries in a black forest – vanilla cherry compote, mexique ganache, burnt vanilla brulee. fresh cherries

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