Moo Moo – Gold Coast

by Suha on September 2, 2011

Yes – Moo Moo is a steak house and most of their menu is steak. However they do cater for the non cow lovers too. The ambiance was interesting with lights that went dim and bright periodically and changed colours through the meal. Not sure I got it. Their service seemed very arrogant and inflexible and it definitely was not cheap. The food didn’t quite do it for me either so on the whole unfortunately it was not my night. There were other dishes on the menu that did sound good so maybe it was just the choices. Sorry.


Natural oysters with lemon served on crushed ice


Seared scallops on pumpkin puree with chive oil and sherry jus – the scallops were cold and bland.


Pan roasted salmon fillet with crushed potatoes, lemon, cornichon salad


Moo Moo duck twice cooked served with potatoes, snake beans and finished with cinnamon and orange jus – the duck was very dry and most of us didn’t finish it.


200 gm tenderloin with tomato and onion marmalade and creamed potatoes


Hot fudge sundae – chocolate brownie with ice cream, hot fudge and honeycomb – liked the honeycomb and the chocolate sauce. The brownie was hard and cold.


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