Oh Calcutta – Bombay

by Suha on January 22, 2011

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Bombay. They do the best Bengali cuisine and if you like fish and mustard this is the place to go. The dish I always have is the fried fish with mustard sauce. I also love the dry mutton called Kosha mangsho which you eat with Luchi – nice large fried puris. This time they had a new dessert called Nolen Gurer ice cream. This is made from the winter jaggery and is totally to die for.


Fried fish eaten with a mustard sauce. This is perfectly cooked. Nice and soft on the inside and a very crisp outside. Yum…a must have.


Kakra Chingri Bhapa – fish and crab steamed with spices. Bhapa is a unique Bengali tradition where fresh ingredients are coated with spices and steamed.


Luchi are the deep fried puris eaten with the beef dish


Kosha Mangsho – an amazing melt in your mouth mutton dish


Dhaka fish tikkas


Golda Chingri – amazing huge prawns that they get only in winter from around Bangladesh. This is cooked with an amazing mustard sauce.


The huge fat succulent prawns with rice and the mustard gravy


A mustard flavoured prawn curry


Nolen Gurer ice cream

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