Antarctica Cruise – Corinthian II

by Suha on January 17, 2010

We spent 10 on a cruise to Antarctica in December 2009 leaving from Ushuaia – the southern most tip of Argentina. The cruise had 88 passengers, 8 expedition guides and 65 staff. So chef Michael Weisner had a great challenge on his hands. With no stops to stock up in Antarctica, he had to plan each menu for the 10 day trip in advance. With limited storage, everything had to be made from scratch. Breads, cakes etc. Every day they started at 5am to prepare the breakfast. My favorite was the warm chocolate muffins with dulce de leche filling. Yum.

11am was a hot bouillion soup ready for when we got back from the first Antarctica landing of the day. 12.30 was a full buffet lunch that changed every day. After out second landing of the day was a decedent thick hot chocolate with Frangelico! Sensational. Afternoon tea with fresh cookies and then cocktail hour with canapés.

Dinner was always silver service sit down a la carte with soups, salads, entrée, main and dessert.
Michael was born and trained in Germany and has spend the last many years heading the kitchens of cruise ships.
It was a great 10 days in the most beautiful part of the world, on a great cruise with great food!!!

Now did we eat any penguins or seals??? Unfortunately…or fortunately…its not possible to anymore. The Antarctic treaty prohibits disturbing any wildlife in the region. However if you are keen to know what it tasted like or what people ate before this ruling…do check out an article by Jeff Rubin (author of the lonely planet to antarctica) in his article called “Train, oil and snotters’ in gastronomica – the journal of food and culture. 2003. A really interesting and amazing read.


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